the “Art of Obesity”


the ‘Art of Obesity’


‘In the Time of Darkness
Bring the Lightness back into your Life’

E’Terra is your Studio

You are the Artist

Life is your Canvas

Guides offer Tools

Nature Inspires your Energy

Seasonal resets of your Biological Clocks

Revel in our 3 Dimensional World

40 Days – Transforming ME’

Start your Change to a permanent slimmer & more sensual YOU

Sequestered in a luxurious sanctuary within the Canadian Wilderness

Take the Die out of your Diet and put the T into Nurture

during the hours of Winter Sunlight and Then off to Mexico



November 11 – New Moon – Arrival ETerra
November 25 Full Moon Detox
December 11 – New Moon Make Over – Mexico
December 20 Depart Mexico
Celebrate Winter Solstice

2016- Leap into Life

February 08 – New Moon – Arrival ETerra
February 22 Full Moon Detox
March 09 – New Moon Make Over – Mexico
March 20 Depart Mexico
Celebrate Vernal Equinox

Only Six Suites – Maximum Six People

*Science has proven changing obesity starts in the brain. Most habits take 21 days to change the neuro-pathways, and 10 days to bind it.  We then take you on a journey for 9 more days to live it.

*Science has shown that the brain is clearer in the colder temperatures and the metabolic rate increases.

*Science is proving that we are 37 trillion+ cells of Energy working in a symbiotic system that makes YOU.

*Science understands there is a quantum relationship of the Brain to the Natural World. This connection is the foundation to a life of Joy, Health and a Slimmer you. 

*Medically, obesity decreases the quality and length of your life. Obesity increases the risks of several debilitating and deadly disease in almost every aspect of your health.

*Economically obesity costs both directly and indirectly when these dollars could be in your bank account. Treating health concerns directly related to your obesity and obesity related issues are now in the billions annually.  Obesity has become a burden to the workplace and studies show that it is associated with lower wages. Obesity has also become a representation of your children’s future.

Step beyond the old paradigm where the only answer was professionals in Dark Suits, White Coats, Toxic Brain Scans, and Preventative Measures of pharmaceuticals and supplements.  Step beyond your world of ‘I have been there and done that!’ into a world of becoming a Proactive Human Being.

“Life is about Experiences & the Arts of Daily Living”

‘Mindful Molecular Metabolic Movement &
Relationship Rejuvenation within Our Self for Others’



The Moon governs the Mind; it cycles every 28 days. So, if you can last 12 days beyond that time you have the capacity to change.
“Maintain a positive attitude with promoting Habits for 40 days and you can change your Destiny.”
-Yogi Bhajan


Through your aspirations to Eat ~ Drink ~ Play, there dwells permanence from the Arts with ease and grace of transforming your lifestyle & your physical being. These are the foundations of change.

Individually designed programs of graceful detoxes, body contouring, activeness and movement, guide your understanding of how the power of your mind can herald in a long healthy future. The indoor space and surrounding Nature has been designed to specifically start this change of engagement at a molecular level.

Individually designed programs of graceful detoxes, body contouring, activeness and movement, guide your understanding of how the power of your mind can herald in a long healthy future. The indoor space and surrounding Nature has been designed to specifically start this change of engagement at a molecular level.

Anthropolithic Nutritional Therapy is a new style in eating.
Feast yourself slim, sensual, and healthy beyond the traditional stone-age diet: and of course so SAD! You relearn the joy of preparing and cooking food –‘living to eat not eating to live’.  Intuitively you are going to be able to taste beyond flavor, smell beyond memory and  live beyond age.
While exploring and experiencing the forgotten World of Arts and Relationships, find comfort in the art of bathing; joy in sensuality; laughing more; kinetic reading; inner peace in silence and introspection – beyond the yogic meditation; some of the tools to paint your canvas with!   Your every movement during the day becomes a healing one.

Each day in conjunction with individualized ‘Exercise and Art’, the kitchen becomes the classroom for our partnership with the metabolic rate of our everyday environment in home and work.  What surrounds our bodies while we sleep affects the intuitive healing of our body. Our ancient and personal belief systems are making us a finite species on the planet.

While the northern hemisphere enjoys its winter sleep, the cooler temperatures bring mental clarity and aid you in resetting your biological clocks.  We offer unique insights and wisdoms, to safely step forward from the precipice of your NOW, releasing stress and leading the dance of obesity into shedding the heaviness of your life. Our multi dimensional approach in an energetic and powerful location, naturally empowers you in all environments that you may encounter.


Mind + Body + Energy = the Health Triad

$38,750.00 Canadian$$


Chauffeured return trip Toronto – Tobermory,
*30 nights private suite accommodation E’Terra,
All meals & Cooking Classes
One to one Personal Training
Daily Activeness + Yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong
Body Contouring Program 2x per week
Hypnotic/Life Consulting sessions 2x per week
3 hours of Classwork/workshops 4 days per week
1 Massage /Body Treatment per week
Weekend Guest Consultants
Complete Make over – Toronto
2 Nights Stay in Toronto
*Includes all taxes & fees


*Return flight Toronto – Cancun
7 Nights Mayan Beach Garden Hotel
Meals in the Costa Maya,
Spanish speaking Guide, & Personal Driver
Mayan Ruins & all event entrance fees

Follow Up

Lifestyle Products + Pantry Set up
1 Hour Skype follow up Sessions with
* Anna SienickaHomeopath/fitness x 3
* Jackie Hofmann x 1


Who are YOU?

  • An individual ready to take the responsibility for changing their life & style.
  • A person who is 75 to 200 pounds over  a normal healthy weight.
  • Willing to step outside the box of traditional thinking/labeling about food addiction.
  • Finding life finally so boring and tedious you want to be able to change it, effortlessly.
  • Must be able to climb 12 stair steps in one session.
  • Free of a supplemental breathing apparatus.
  • Must have a valid passport.
  • If you are traveling from a southern climate – ask about allowances to aid for some winter clothing and time will be made available for purchasing warm outerwear.
  • If you smoke, you will be required to participate in a Stop Smoking program prior to this program.  Additional fees will apply.

Who are WE?

EterraE’Terra is an award winning designed facility of environmental and holistic attributes.  Three years of intense research and three years in the building, E’Terra opened in 2006; luxuriously appointed by the best of North American craftsman and European linens. The location offers the utmost privacy. It is in the core area of the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve surrounded by Two National Parks, on the shores of the global fresh water jewel – Georgian Bay. The land has an ancient history for healing.


Laurie AdamsLaurie Adams is the creative force behind E’Terra.  Her entrepreneurial skills span 3 decades as owner-operator of one of the top 10 restaurants on the Great Lakes sponsoring International chefs for10 years; a wilderness horseback outfitting destination for 20 years; a Lecturer – Passion Virtuoso, Writer, and Holistic Project Manager who specializes in the dissemination and coordination of research information.  She has dedicated personal time throughout 15 years as a Director on many Governmental Boards and Committees. She has attended 2 World Summits – 2002 Sustainable Development & Eco Tourism /Quebec Canada and 2006–Innovation & Entrepreneurship / Muscat Oman.  Her globe trotting adventures continue to cross paths with spiritual masters bringing exposure to the relationship between our physical 3D world through the dimensional realms,offering clarity to the importance of Nature and the natural elements.

At E’Terra, she is Coordinator with a personal interest in the current crisis of obesity and stress.  She is also the House Chef catering to all allergies and food sensitivities and the recipient of the Gift of the Knowing.


Anna Sienicka Anna Sienicka is a graduate of the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM) 2007. She also holds a B.A. with specialized Honours in Kinesiology & Health Science, York University and a certified personal trainer since 2005. This additional training in sports medicine has resulted in a strong knowledge of diet, nutrition, physical exercise and the importance of our mind-body connection.  She became a certified Health Coach in 2014. Anna’s passion for the transformational power of Homeopathy motivates her to keep abreast of the latest medical advancements in regard to both mind and body.

Anna is a founder and owner of leading edge holistic clinic located in Toronto .  As a Health Coach, she works with VIP clients on addressing and transforming the underlying cause of their dis- ease. She teaches workshops and shares her in-depth knowledge and health care awareness. Born in Poland, Anna is fluent in both Polish and English. She is in the process of finishing a children’s book on the importance of wild foods and has started a second book ‘Living in the Zone’. She is also co owner of a line of skin care products.  During the summer of 2015 she completed a solo bicycle trip from coast to coast across Canada.


Brad JohnstonBrad Johnston, of Mohawk heritage, is a Registered Massage Practitioner of Myomassology and a certified member of the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners and the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association.  He completed his training at the Canadian Myomassolgy Institute, Aromatica Center for Natural Therapies and Holistic Study in 2009. His training includes Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, Tui Na, Thai Yoga Massage and Traditional Chinese Fire Cupping.  In 2012, he completed his studies in Body Contouring Massage cupping.  This technique aids in releasing solid bloat as well as toxins through the lymphatic system, and is used in the treatment of cellulite.  He has been working in partnership with E’Terra since it conception.  Brad now works with a local Chiropractic Clinic and also has his own practice in Tobermory.


Jackie Hofmann Jackie Hofmann BA, OCT, TFH, Nlp, MTT, CChT  is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist accredited through the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Hypnosis Research Institute for over 10 years.  She is also certified as a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Touch for Health and Meridian Tapping Techniques and a Life Skills Consultant.

Before her active career in alternative health practices, Jackie worked in the RCMP, deciding to switch careers to teaching at elementary school level in Ontario Canada as she raised her children.  Her curiosity of the mind and the brain that houses it, led to ongoing deeper studies in this fascinating field of brain health sciences and the ever evolving new findings about our brain/mind relationship and its impact on our everyday living.  All we are today is defined during the ages 0 to 6.  She is an expert in the area of our ‘belief systems’ impact on obesity. Her hypnosis recordings are sold around the world. Jackie’s ‘Quit Smoking program’ has a 90% success rate. She also has produced a series of E-books Release your Genie to  “ Butt out – Sex & Stamina In”; Release your Genie to “Untold Riches – Freedom and Wealth by Self Hypnosis”; and her newest Release your Genie to “Golfing Excellence – Sleep to Great Golf”.  She has a private practice in Ontario, Canada.

*** plus a staff of  ‘movement activists’ and lifestyle change practitioners!!

Mayan Beach Garden ~ Costa Maya, Mexico

Mayan Beach Garden ~ Costa Maya, MexicoThis very private, 7 bungalow hotel sits in the last frontier just 2 hours south of the most commercialized region of the Caribbean shores of Mexico.  MBG is off the grid yet sustains all the luxurious amenities. The food is Mayan, prepared fresh daily and from locally sourced products.

MBG is a traveller’s adventure to get to; full of sand and sea on one side and surrounded by mangrove at the southern tip of Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.  The area is famous for its birds, snorkeling, scuba diving – wrecks from the days of the Pirates going into Belize and off the beaten track Mayan ruins.  The owners Marcia and Kim are jovial, full of passion for living  and quite entertaining.

Here you will have the opportunity to eat, drink and play actuating all that you have now learned. This is a space for rest, relaxation, activities on the beach and exploration of the Ruins – a form of an ancient ‘stair master!’

Next Steps:

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art-of-obesityPreliminary Intake forms are required and your process starts immediately upon your deposit The intake process is extensive so give yourself time.  Send an email to discuss whether or not you are eligible and we will call you back within 24 hours. E’Terra’s phone number and exact location are unpublished for your privacy and given only upon confirmation of your participation.

Rates are in Canadian dollars – HST included
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Please Note:  Rates are private pay only.  We do not accept Insurance.

Preferred payment is Certified Checks, Money Orders or International Wire Transfers,  Interac etransfer, International Interac etransfer – Western Union.
Credit card payments are subject to 4% credit card fee.

There are no refunds** – this is your life!!!

We maintain ongoing  follow up programs to assist you and your family

** Minimum number of people is 4, if this number is not met, then deposit will be refunded.  Choice of suites is based on availability at time of reserving.


Sunrise Costa Maya ~  A new day, and a new you.

Sunrise Costa Maya ~  A new day, and a new you.