i ‘Lighten up’

i ‘Lighten up’

i-lighen-upAn innovative, unprecedented and pioneering lifestyle transformation for your mind, body and spirit. Proven traditions integrated with current science to inspire and educate you into a healthier Anthropolithic style to feast and live agelessly and timelessly beyond stress, relationships, parenting, illness and restriction.

Offers you a journey beyond the ephemeral

Offering to guide you beyond the state of ephemeral

Your choice …

Why are our programs different?

Existing beliefs are both conscious and subconscious. They are separated by your awareness. You are not necessarily consciously aware of subconscious imprints (cellular). This is where self sabotage comes from as the indicator of the conflict between the conscious and the sub conscious. The sub conscious mind will always win over in a belief because of its existing deep neuron pathway. Only when there is alignment between the two can permanent change occur.

You have made the choice to leave ALL existing beliefs behind when you cross the threshold of ETerra.

How is our program different?

Upon making this personal decision with ‘oneself’, our radical approach with its innovative solution, extirpates and transforms your life permanently.  It will be your motivation to adopt a way to go deeper into the psyche of your being than just the human doer.  Our solution draws from the fringes of the Anthroprocene era ( Age of Man) in food planning, movement & exercise, importance of Nature in your daily life and fundamental health practises influencing the new era of Humanity. (aka Merlin effect)


What makes us different?

We use the essential  ‘Knowing’ as your lifestyle application.  You will go beyond what any other program  has had to offer.   Within Forty days you will relearn the innate enjoyments of the ‘Arts of Living’ which allow you through the ‘Knowing’ to see your life differently. The body automatically transforms in the direction to healing that which is unique to you.  From the end of who you were to the beginning of who you are , this is your triumph.   We are only the guides to show you how to become the artist on your canvas transforming your future.

“The Knowing is the fusion of intuition and emotion through the innate languaging and expression that results in an elevated vibrational resonance.”

Sounds new age and complicated ~ it is not, but it is mindful and allows you the wisdom to be who you are suppose to be and to live life timelessly. As it is innate in all of us,  we show you how to access it so you can become what you desire.


When do we start the programs?

Our programs are sequenced with the phases of the moon due to the biological influences ( for reducing weight), the earth biorhythms, and the over all  symbiotic relationship with the seasons by incorporating all six …  Spring, Rainy, Summer, Autumn, Dry, Winter .  The  longer programs are offered in the darkness of winter allowing for introspection and following natural (what some believe are ancient) courses of cellular change within the bodies needs for light.

“In the pause of Winter, we achieve clarity
And in the breathe of Summer we manifest those desires.”

Ultimately, it is when you are open and receptive for permanent  change.


Where do we start?

A place  of ultimate privacy and a little bit of secrecy!   This then allows you to be who you truly are. Places with positive energies and elements such as those found within selected UNESCO biospheres and heritage locations.

E’Terra is a place where time has been allowed to stand still, the way forward reveals itself and the past can be redeemed.  IT is a place where body, mind and spirit become one and all things become possible.     V. Bass 2008

Destination :  2015/2016 -  ETERRA, HARMONY , MEXICO

Which Programs?

The length of stay will vary with the degree of intention. The longer stays are dependant on the season and the moon cycles.   The shorter ones are for the dabbling interest.

Special Needs programs such as PTSD,  Phobias,  Terminal illness  where ‘one on one’ intention is required are available under special consideration.   Due to the exchange of energies between persons involved, there must be a readiness within oneself to move into ‘the Knowing’.

Program Length  will vary from  40 Days ~ 10 days ~ 4 days ~ Weekends

2015   November  11  – December 20  The Art of Obesity -  40 Days Transforming Me

E’Terra Canada, Mexico

2016  February 8 – March 29  The Art of Obesity – Leap into the New You

E’Terra/ Harmony – Canada & Mexico

2016   April  TBA   Spring into Romance   4 Day – E’Terra

  April TBA    Springing into the ‘Art of Zoetism’: life beyond the label “Retired”

2016   May  13 -  23    ’10 Day Simply  Style -   Nature, Nurture, New You’

  May TDA         BabyMoon & AfterMoon Series

Harmony Acres/E’Terra

2016   June TBA  –   ‘4 Day Sampler – Your  Life as an Art Form – 3D  – E’Terra

  June TBA – BabyMoon & AfterMoon Series

2016  July  TBA    –   Art of Parenting  (with Children) -  3 Day

Harmony Acres

2016  August TBA  Workshop Art of Parenting  – Back to school (with Children)

Harmony Acres

  August TBA       “The Knowing” – 2 day    - E’Terra

Rough to Riches – 7 day – E’Terra

2016  September 08 -18  ’10 Day Simply  Style -   Nature, Nurture, New You’  -

Harmony Acres

2016 October TBA      BabyMoon & AfterMoon Series    ~   E’Terra

Romance – Fall into Love Again   ~   E’Terra


Topics for Disclosure:

Life and living in our 3D world.

  • Lifestyle fitness
  • Parenting – Babymoon – Aftermoon :  **Releasing  fear based family lifestyles, giving your child and your relationships an infinite opportunity. ** The weekend Patriarch/Matriach – is it work or family – you own a company it will be the future of your company -  Your choice!
  • Relationships -  Romance, sensuality & sex, partnership legacy projects
  • Stress  - good stressor, bad stressor, burnout, depression – need we say more…
  • Retirement – older or elder, releasing time – the man made element of aging

Our specialty:

  • The Knowing  - the Diversion on the road of Deception and how it fits into ‘Your agenda’ …  if it is the God of Money for greed + self empowerment:  if it  is the God of Knowledge – Google for community, new age information and ego centric attainment; or if it is a Life of Unconditional Love forever, and forever keeping you in the game of fear.

What is Love of the Ultimate Kind – it is the Way of the Knowing?!


E’Terra’s  Art of Living Journeys will ‘Lighten you ‘ up the Dimensional Scale from 13 to 3D, 2D,1D!!!

Releasing the 5th Dimensional Philosophy that is mindfully capturing our 3D world.

‘Daily engagement of the Earth energy frequencies for the ephemeral expression of  your empyreal existence  as your experiences  exponentially edify enlightenment through exercising your emotions with enthusiasm endowing empowerment and empathy.’    Exclusively  E’Terra!


The Past or the Future…

 One is finished and One is experience.

Which one will be your foundation?