“A Day At E’Terra”


A day at E’Terra can offer simplicity and wonder.

Greet the day like the crisp snap of a fresh stalk of celery.
Slip into the salt water infinity pool, swim
Then linger at E’Terra to find the rare alpine blossoms
in crevasses of the Niagara Escarpment.




Explore the ancient trails,
Sleep upon the shore and taste the gentle kiss
Of a summer breeze met and married with
the fine mist of the pristine Georgian Bay waves
while sequestered in a bower of limestone and moss.






Or venture forth, bring your camera,
wildlife and nature photographers
before you have done so,
from all corners of this planet

Bring all your senses and your sensibility.
Prepare for adventure,
It is Canada
Think sturdy footwear, drinking water, maps
And prepare …
For All that Canada has to Offer.


The hummingbirds come to the garden.
Sit quietly by the pond and as fast as wind on your shoulder,
Fish fly through the water.
Occasionally catch the soft drone of the engine of a bee,
From the lavender labyrinth …no words, just fill your senses
………Now breathe!



Bruce Peninsula National Park,
a lodestar,
with shoreline that is an inviolate gift,

A Grotto created by Nature herself
that any cathedral would be proud to claim
as inspiration.

And words that in merely being whispered
denote beauty, found in rarest of ferns
wildflowers, and migrating birds.





And at the mouth of Georgian Bay
find Fathom Five National Marine Park…and
the explorer in you will find paradise.

Twenty two shipwrecks, wild waters, our Great Lakes.
If you don’t dive in the clear, pristine Canadian water
You can see them from the surface.





Come to explore by kayak and canoe,

Take a tour boat to Flowerpot Island.
Visit caves and limestone seastacks.
Hike the trails, find the 1,800 year old cedar
Growing from the island’s ancient cliffs.




Visit the stores and galleries of Tobermory.
At the end of the day return home to E’Terra.
Where dinner will await you.







At days end watch the fire of the great Sun
sink into the Great Lakes behind Flowerpot Island.







As the fire inside you meet the chill of then night air
Wander inside, choose a book from the library
And sit by the hearth.

Then in the quiet of the Canadian wilderness,
On freshly laundered fine French linens,
in this grand, country home

Dream …

Awaken next day and do what your heart desires,
That might have been missed from the day before

……was that the wind chime?

No, it’s crystal.

They are setting table for breakfast at E’Terra DRK