The Samara Project

‘The Samara Project’ – A Tree Pod Experience

Forest Friendly ‘R&R’ with a Birds eye View

‘The Samara Project’ – A Tree Pod Experienc

“The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity…and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.“

William Blake

In the spring of 2012, Tye Farrow, Farrow Architects, Toronto, met with Laurie Adams of the E’Terra Eco Estate in Tobermory to discuss an unusal concept. The playful project shared a similar vision to be ‘in the trees but not of the trees’. The tree houses are a dream about to be fulled for Laurie Adams and for Tye Farrow, a design inspired by nature created as the world had not seen before.

Following in the foot steps of E’Terra, a philosphy based on the three E’s of Eugene P. Odum’s, in line with ongoing research to ensure the integrity of the environment and for ecology, Samara is growing from the seeds of imagination planted.

The image was derived from the shape of a samara, commonly known as the maple key, a winged fibrous papery propeller shape that appears in autumn and enables the wind to carry these maple seeds.

Samara ~ E’Terra @ Harmony Acres ~Seasons

Samara ~ E’Terra  @ Harmony Acres ~Seasons
During the four seasons prior to and since the meeting with Tye, Laurie spends time observing and documenting the different trees to understand how they continue responding to changing local weather conditions especially the drier summers and the late winter freezing rains with heavy snowfall. The Bruce Peninsula has a globally recognized eco system and at the tip DIRT is rare commodity! The trees root structure grows more horizontal where roots systems find their way down into the depth of the lime stone escarpment crevasses & fissures for sustanence. A lot of the hardwoods and softwoods are twin or triplets and the conifers along the shoreline edges are knarled and twisted from years of weathered temper tandrums by Mother Nature blowing across the great expanse of Georgian Bay.

The Harmony property is one of the last largest private stands of Maple, Oak, Beech & Ash at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, while at the E’Terra property there is a smaller stand of Maple, Beech and large Hemlocks, but a coastline that is thickly forested with the smaller hardier Cedars and Spruce on what was once an ancient shore.

‘The Samara Project’ – A Tree Pod Experience ‘The Samara Project’ – A Tree Pod Experience
By adding structure to this living entity – the tree – will increase a stress load that may not be measurable for some years, so for Laurie the design has to be definitely “for the future”!

The structure in and of itself must be of the lightest but strongest material. E’Terra was easily built compared to Samara, consisting of wood, salvage timbers, copper and local quarried stone with a foundation firmly planted on Earth.

Laurie herself, ensured that there were environmental mandates to follow and after hours of research, speaking with companies about their products in regards to environmental policies, humanitarian ethics and ongoing stewardship. E’Terra took 3 years to build. See Amenities.

Samara is an enducation into a whole new world of construction. Working with a boat builder, products such as lighter glulams and tensile fabrics known as PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) are posing ethical concerns about how ‘eco’ is some of the building material and its holistic value to the planet?

As each suite is unique in design and décor at E’Terra, the Samara suites will also be individual. This time, Nature Haute Couture style depending on which tree they will feature.

‘The Samara Project’ – A Tree Pod Experienc

In January 2013, Samara, unknowing to its principals got released to the world without collaboration. Over the next few months Samara takes on a life of its own virally. From affluent marketplaces, media moguls and governments, the interest is impressive and refreshing and we continue to accept the inquiries so that you, as our potential guest receive updates. At present, a model of the design is now finished and specific trees have been selected.

For those wishing to visit the upper Bruce Peninsula during this stage as concepts become reality, E’Terra invites you to be our Guest, offering you stays at our Preferred Guest Rate and we will extended a previous guest rate to you once the Pods are completed as well. We thank you for your interest.

Views & Trails Samara ~ E’Terra

Views & Trails Samara ~ E’Terra
Views & Trails Samara ~ E’Terra

‘and as the sun sets on another day, Samara is now moving beyond a conceptual drawing and into the dawning of a new reality exploring recently created lightest weight environmental materials known to science.’
‘The Samara Project’ – A Tree Pod Experienc