Base Camp

Base Camp on Georgian Bay

‘Base Camp’ will be available for use to Co Owner only however it is not included as part of the purchase package.   The outpost camp was created in 1995 as a hideaway for family; friends and clients by exclusive permission on a neighbouring land… the largest private land base on the Upper Peninsula – 3200 acres.  Access is via a trail system either by horseback riding from the Harmony property, hiking along the shoreline from E’Terra as well as by water with zodiac.  There are 3 pine cabins for sleeping with basic bunks, a cookhouse (propane), a corral for horses, tack and feed storage shed and a privy toilet.  There is NO electricity, only old fashion oil lamps & propane torches.  Nightly entertainment is cards or campfire camaraderie. It is a Base for Activities: hiking, caving, kayaking, canoeing, island & shoreline trekking, R&R, wildlife observation, skinny dipping, night sky observation, waterfall contemplation and your wild imaginations ☺ !  

Imagination Wild ... the Bog Sheep of Base Camp Marsh!Imagination Wild … the Bog Sheep of Base Camp Marsh!