About E’Terra

“ The Great House – A Grand  Villa”



“It grew …
     From the forest.
And preserved the

To belong…in the forest,
stone and wood,
ancient yet fresh born.

Nature’s creatures come,

the forest curls around.
Hummingbird and eagle,
Cedar and ash. “     DRK

‘You do nothing …
                        and it is everything.’


Welcome to E’Terra – A Place Inspired By Passion

For life, For nature, For humanity, For our planet

Nestled amongst the white cedar within the Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere Reserve, at the top of the. Bruce Peninsula is 8400 square feet of award winning personal luxury. E’Terra is carefully crafted from stone and salvaged timbers on 700 feet of private Georgian Bay shoreline.

International elegant accommodation that exceeds expectations; with the smallest of ecological footprints, E’Terra is a place of respite and wonder. For the discerning adventurer it is an eclectic experience in the Canadian wilderness.

“I built E’Terra to encourage sensual, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing with integrity and devotion to overall protection of the Earth by an empyreal and absolute understanding of ‘cradle to grave’, beginning with hard work, a playful spirit, a graceful soul and courage.”

Laurie Adams

“Remote but luxurious lodge…..deliciously rugged”
Food & Travel UK

“Luxurious but not ostentatious –
E’Terra is a pearl rather than a diamond”
Globe & Mail

“Stunning new eco lodge combines comfort with a taste of wilderness”
UK Observer

“luxurious retreat”  Trinity Travel Holistic Life – Japan

E’Terra is Canada’s most exquisite bed and breakfast
Raw Built Magazine