10 Day Harmony


Life is supposed to be Healthy and Easy!!

Eat for Enjoyment, Drink for Refreshmint, Play for Fitness,

“Simple Style”

Staying in good physical condition and eating healthy is simpler than you realize.
Take the Die out of your Diet, put the T into Nurture and
Allow your body to detox and nourish naturally.

Nature – Nurture – New You

10 Days

Flow beyond boot camps and pounding it at the gym to where every stride you take and movement you make, playfully activates your muscles and builds personal strength.   Welcome to the core area of the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve! Leave behind pollution and noise, the mania of the financial and societal world, to be surrounded by National Parks on an ancient geological landscape. Oxygen laden air, daily premium of Negative ions, diamantine waters of Georgian Bay with overhanging white escarpment cliffs, caves and boulder beaches sequestered under a dark sky preserve.

May 13.2016 – May 23.2016

September 08.2016 –September 18.2016

Only 8 spaces available

More Information: Harmony Acres, Tobermory Ontario


hello@harmonyacres.ca or i-lightenup@eterra.ca



*7 nights Glamping Accommodation
Harmony Acres

*2 Nights Wilderness Accommodation
Base Camp

*All meals with Cooking Classes

*Individual Personal Training

*10 hours of Classwork/informative session

Daily Activeness – Yoga, Nature’s Gymnasium

Nightly Campfire Camaraderie

Myomassology massage X 1

Hypnotic /Life work Personal Session X 1

Flowerpot Island Trekking
(Fathom Five National Marine Park)

Hiking Bruce Trail, Grotto, Indian Head Cove
(Bruce Peninsula National Park)

*** Includes HST

In 10 days, you will experience in a natural setting, fun fast toning exercises that you can do in your everyday stride including the importance of the breath to live agelessly. Daily classes are structured to teach you the basics that ‘You are what you eat’ with an understanding of GMO’s, organics, water consumption and food combinations. You will learn, be satiated and promotion of your increased energy and libido. ‘You are what you do’ so you will also delve into the science of the molecular effects on how your overall living environment affects the metabolic rate. Now is the time to shed the heaviness as we bring you beyond stone-age fads. Your Mind’s power comes from its belief system and through change you learn to become your own Driver to self-motivation, self-health and simple living with a proactive combination of feasting, fitness and focus.





Base Camp is on the shores of Georgian Bay with a small waterfalls in the background and the crystal clear waters playfully rolling over cobble stone beaches.   Cell phones are not allowed here, there is no electricity and it is back to Nature basic. 

Campfire camaraderie ends your day, your week and sleepy secrets and desires are held for but moments by the wind.




Harmony Acres is situated on 100 acres of hardwood forest.   From within the Adytum at Harmony you will enter into the world of Mother Nature’s Gym.  You will use her elements daily in activities to stretch, strengthen and engage your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and you feel the present of the spirit within Nature itself.

Camp in pine cabins; dine on local, fresh and organic cuisine created especially to increase fat and protein while seeking to bring awareness to your metabolic rates and insulin sensitivity.  It is your time to enter the world of the ‘Ecopicurean’ with an added dash of Earth minerals to your feasting. 



Next Steps Contact us: i-lightenup@eterra.ca

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